Novpack - 3m

About the Novapack & Novabond 3M Authorised Distributor

"NOVA GROUP " is diversified technology base organization offering industrial Tapes, Adhesives , Packaging materials , Cleaning and maintenance product for customer span such as Office, Display & Graphics, signage, Electronic & communication, Health care, Transportation, Hotels & Hospitals industry. Diversity in the products is offer from 3M Company, range of more than 8000 products.

Our home products are Self Adhesive plain & printed tapes for packaging, Stretch film & Strapping for Industrial final packing for local and exports activities.

Our ability to sale technology base product across the India with vast and various customer base as per their specific needs.

Our group is fundamentally engaged in manufacturing packaging material & allied product marketing with our own brand
3M VHB Tape, Door Mats, 3M Mats, 3M Adhesives, 3M Abrasives, Fabric Protector Spray3M Mats, 3M Adhesives, 3M Abrasives, 3M VHB Tape, Door Mats, Fabric Protector Spray

We are leader in setting marketing trends for new products and new technologies across the industries from last 2 decades. Our success lies with our ability to apply any technology with the combination of customer needs and our experience, all of this made possible by the dedicated staff over 15 people engage in different departments.

Values of the Company
Honesty and Integrity in every movement of our working hours.
Satisfied customer interest within Innovative Technology, Superior quality, Selection of right product, Value and Services.
Respect our social and Physical environment around us & to educate the customer what they are buying for a value spend.
Develop our staff for diversity, talent, initiative and leadership.
Group at Glance
Engaged in the business from last 25 years, operation throughout India.
Leadership : by Mr. Avinash Pathak having experience over 15 years of marketing and concept selling, supported by partner Mr. Bharat Morzaria having a degree of Chartered Accountant controlling finance and investment.
Two different offices in Mumbai along with
1st 3M Gallery in India.
Big godown at Taloja supported with buffer stock small godown in Mumbai.
Turnover of group is above 9 Crores.
Growth from establishment in 1994 of M/s Novapack & M/s Novabond above 70%- 80% & from last 2 years 50% - 60%.
Proud to be
Founder of competitive packaging material such as Polypropylene strapping.
Popularizing Pet packaging strapping concept in India.
Popularizing Box Sealing Tape in Goa, Gujrat & Maharashtra in mid 1980-1990.
Introducing concept of PU Sealant ( 3M Product) 1st time in India in western region . Now leading in transportation industry, clean rooms and maintenance
Popularizing 3M IITD fiber Filament tape for various applications.
Introduce Plate Mounting tapes in western region in last 2 years and achieved 80% of market share, also awarded upper Gold Circle award in 2007 by 3M India.

Ofering 3M VHB Tape, Door Mats, 3M Mats, 3M Adhesives, 3M Abrasives, Fabric Protector Spray Novpack - 3m